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From 1991-2016, the following research topics included, in particular:

  1. Natural history of the host-parasite relationship: This included studies of the prevalence, infection intensity, and geographical distribution of infectious parasites in bumblebees. In addition, host-parasite interaction specificity was documented and studied to the level of genotype.
  2. The role of genetic diversity in hosts as defence against parasites.
  3. The pattern and processes that generate and maintain genetic diversity in the parasites.
  4. Activation of immune defences in the host, B. terrestrial, in response to various kinds of challenges.
  5. Demonstration and use of immune priming at the level of individuals (recurrent infections), and across generations (trans-generational priming).
  6. Genetics and genomics of the host, by starting and completing the Bombus genome project. This included the establishment of the Bombus immune genome.
  7. Genetic and genomics of the host, by establishing the Crithidia genome project (in completion).
  8. The evolution of recombination in response to parasitism. This work was done with the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum.
  9. Immune priming in Tribolium beetles.
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