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From 1991-2016, the following PIs directed their own research whilst being an "assistant" (equivalent to Assistant Prof) in the group of Experimental Ecology. These included the following people and their research interests at the time:

  • Jacob Koella: Malaria-host interactions, strategies, and mathematical modelling
  • Jacqui Shykoff: Fungal parasites of flowering plants (Silene)
  • Nathan Rank: Evolutionary ecology and defences in leaf beetles.
  • Stella Koulianos: Phylogenetics of pollinators, and bumblebees.
  • Jukka Jokela: Evolutionary ecology of snail-trematode interactions. Long-term field studies.
  • Sebastian Bonhoeffer: Theoretical biology, including dynamics of HIV, and host resistance.
  • Joachim Kurtz: Immune priming in Tribolium beetles. External and internal defences against parasites.
  • Mattias Wegner: Evolution of recombination in Tribolium beetles. Quantitative Genetics of adaptation.
  • Ben Sadd: Immune priming in bumblebees, trans-generational protection of offspring against infections.
  • Seth Barribeau: Genomics and Transcriptomics of  the bumblebee-Crithidia interaction.
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